Grand Canyon North Rim

The North Rim

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The North Rim

Two hours of driving, with a 3,000 ft elevation gain and a 20 degree temperature drop, brought us from our campsite near Kanab to the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. I think we were expecting barren, dry rock everywhere, so we were surprised to be driving through thick pine forests and green meadows. Just inside the park entrance, we had our first bison encounter! We, along with several other cars, pulled off of the road to gawk at and photograph the woolly creatures, and to ooh and ahh at the fuzzy little buffalo calves.

We hiked a trail that led into the forest, followed by an extension out to a gorgeous panoramic view at the very edge of the canyon rim. Even as I stood on edge of the world there, I found it difficult to wrap my mind around the magnitude of the formation. I can’t help but feel a stirring in my soul when taking in such beautiful places. The experience left me feeling humbled, and incredibly grateful.

Looking north from Point Imperial.

Point Imperial

The Outlet Fire scorched this part of the Kaibab forest back in 2000.

Peregrine falcon on the trail!

Lucy and this sweet girl were “best friends!” withing about 2 minutes of meeting at Point Imperial.

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