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Outsourcing Has Saved My Sanity

I said I would NEVER outsource my editing. I was afraid my photos wouldn’t be “mine” anymore and I was sure I couldn’t afford it. But y’all….. I booked more...
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COVID-19 and Your Wedding Plans

Sometimes life throws us a curve-ball, and what a doozy this corona virus has been! Right now, there are many couples facing the decision of whether to postpone or even cancel their dream wedding. I...
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Arches National Park

Just when we thought we’d seen every type of landscape this world has to offer, we visit a new national park and get our socks knocked off. There’s no better fitting word for Arches...
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Fallon + Cody Engaged

This couple was looking for a rustic location for their engagement photos and asked for my advice. Luckily it didn’t take me long to find a beautiful barn and a cool abandoned service station...
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Family portrait silhouette in Fort Smith, Arkansas

A Family a-Fair

Want some original idea for your next portrait session? Message me about fun alternative settings for you photos. Here’s one example: photos at the fair! These photos were taken at the Arkansas...
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We never found our way to Portugal while living in Germany, so when we were deciding where to spend a few weeks between our arrival in England and our friend’s wedding in Germany, Portugal was...
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Trans-Atlantic Backwards

When you find a great deal on a cruise back to Europe when you were planning on flying back anyway, you jump on the opportunity! Especially when it’s your husband’s 40th birthday! Armed...
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A Year of Travel

A year ago we hugged our friends goodbye, loaded up 15 pieces of luggage into a taxi, and headed to the train station to begin our full-time traveling sabbatical . In some ways it seems like...
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