Arches National Park

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Arches National Park

Just when we thought we’d seen every type of landscape this world has to offer, we visit a new national park and get our socks knocked off. There’s no better fitting word for Arches National Park than otherworldly. The small road that leads up to the top of the park drops you off on what seems MUST be another planet.

The grey skies in the photos are deceiving because it was still almost 100 degrees the day we visited.
The arches vary in size, some dwarfing park visitors.
A giant arch forming beside a small window in the sandstone.
The famous Delicate Arch with a stream of tourists approaching. Delicate Arch was originally named Cowboy Arch because it resembles a pair of chaps. Unfortunately, there was a mixup with the paperwork when filing the names and the accidental name swap stuck.

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