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COVID-19 and Your Wedding Plans

Sometimes life throws us a curve-ball, and what a doozy this corona virus has been! Right now, there are many couples facing the decision of whether to postpone or even cancel their dream wedding. I...
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Arches National Park

Just when we thought we’d seen every type of landscape this world has to offer, we visit a new national park and get our socks knocked off. There’s no better fitting word for Arches...
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A Year of Travel

A year ago we hugged our friends goodbye, loaded up 15 pieces of luggage into a taxi, and headed to the train station to begin our full-time traveling sabbatical . In some ways it seems like...
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Capital Reef Sunset Point

A Reef in the Desert

Another one of Utah’s “Mighty 5” parks is Capitol Reef, located in the center of the state, encompassing the former Mormon settlement of Fruita. As the name suggests, there was...
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Grand Canyon North Rim

The North Rim

Two hours of driving, with a 3,000 ft elevation gain and a 20 degree temperature drop, brought us from our campsite near Kanab to the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. I think we were...
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The Virgin River flows through the middle of Zion National Park.

Zion National Park

Of the famous “Mighty 5” within Utah, Zion National Park was the first park we chose to explore. We selected a scenic boondocking site along the Virgin River, just a few miles east of the...
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Cedar Breaks + Red Canyon

If you need a break from the heat in Bryce Canyon or Zion, head up into the mountains to Cedar Breaks National Monument. Standing at over 10,000 feet of elevation, the weather is drastically cooler...
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Hoover Dam

What can I say about our trip to Las Vegas? For starters, it was HOT, therefore we savored the wonderful invention of air conditioning, and also ate lots of yummy food. Carne asade fries?! Yes,...
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