Hoover Dam

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Hoover Dam

What can I say about our trip to Las Vegas? For starters, it was HOT, therefore we savored the wonderful invention of air conditioning, and also ate lots of yummy food. Carne asade fries?! Yes, please!

In the pleasant little town of Boulder City, we took time to visit the Hoover Dam Museum. It was a highly recommended attraction in the area, and admission was free! Despite it being a rather small collection, it’s my opinion that they did a phenomenal job on the exhibits. Upon arrival, we were presented with official looking passes that were replicas of the passes needed to get on the job site during the construction of the dam. There were sections in the museum with embossing stamps to press on our cards, along with a quiz/scavenger hunt to complete. The children’s favorite exhibit was a miniature crane they could operate, simulating dumping a load of concrete onto the dam. My own favorite was the short film played on demand by the attendants.

We left with a new appreciation for the people who lived and worked on the dam, and a deeper understanding of the harsh environment they lived and worked in. I guess I’d never thought about the workers bringing their families along, but of course it makes sense if they were to hired to work until the completion of the project. I’m glad we were aptly informed by the museum prior to visiting the dam. It made the visit that much more impressive.

Walking along the top of the dam was the hottest I ever felt in my life. The temperature wasn’t hotter than I experienced before, but the heat radiating off of the concrete must have intensified it. It was so hot that I had goosebumps, and actually felt a chill. Needless to say, we didn’t spend too much time outside!

I don’t have many photos to share from this leg of the journey, so fortunately you, friend, don’t have to scroll forever to see them all.







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