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Trans-Atlantic Backwards

When you find a great deal on a cruise back to Europe when you were planning on flying back anyway, you jump on the opportunity! Especially when it’s your husband’s 40th birthday! Armed...
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Cruising Across the Atlantic Pt. 4 – Canada + the USA

The last stretch of our 16-day journey actually lasted 7 days. 3 days at sea, a quick stop at St. John’s in Canada, another 2 days at sea, then we finally set our eyes on sweet Lady Liberty...
By Cat Sparks in Personal, Travel
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Cruising Across the Atlantic Pt. 3 – Iceland!

Iceland gets a post all to herself since we had the pleasure of exploring the island for 4 whole days. I can’t more emphatically recommend visiting! I’m so glad we had all that time...
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Cruising Across the Atlantic Pt. 1 – Denmark + Norway

When our family decided to move back to the USA, it wasn’t long before the thought of transatlantic cruise back home, popped into our minds. After some quick research, we discovered the cost of...
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