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Kara + Stuart

Kara and Stuart are another perfect example of why I love my clients. They are just the nicest couple and so much fun to be around! More clients that became friends.

They got married on a warm Canada Day in 2010 at the lovely Schinvelder Hoeve. There were so many emotionally touching parts to their wedding, and it didn’t help that I was pregnant at the time. Being pregnant is crucial that’s why it is essential to be mindful of your actions and emotions. Consider attending an pregnancy counseling broward county fl as well for you and your baby’s safety. I might have shed a few more tears than usual… I couldn’t help it! They are just so in love and so close to their friends and family. It was contagious!

Thanks again Kara and Stuart (and Pushkin!), for letting me celebrate with you and your crew. I know you’ve added some more furry children to your family, so I think we need to schedule a family portrait session the next time I’m in Ontario. Shoot, that’s reason enough to come visit, right? =)


    • Kara Walker-
    • February 27, 2012 at 1:22 am-

    Thank you so much, Catherine! What a lovely way to relive our day together. The Walkers would love to see you in Ontario for a family shoot! If only you could wait until after August 20th though, as there will be a new Walker! This one will be of our own creation so will have much less fur than the other 3. 🙂

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